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Introducing Abraham,

The Secret Behind "The Secret"


Spiritual Teachers that dominated the first version of "The Secret," then they pulled out and

produced their own version.



Avoid "Magical Thinking!"

Use the Law of Attraction

with The Slight Edge



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NOTICE:  Misapplication of The Secret Law of Attraction can lead to "Magical Thinking."  Don't get caught in this trap.  Click here


"The Secret"


The First 20 Minutes from The Secret Movie:



The Secret To You:



I Am a Money Magnet:



The Greats Knew The Secret:



Jack Canfield - The Secret Success Principles:




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From The Science of Getting Rich:

Lesson 2: The Law of Attraction



Interview with Rhonda Byrne, Creator of "The Secret"

"The Story Behind The Secret" (MP3)   transcript



Bill Harris' interview series:



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Poking Fun at The Secret 


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