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Building a successful Shaklee Business is not brain surgery.  But it does require some basic skills and lots of focused action. 


Here is your simple 3-step action plan to build your Shaklee business:

  1. Dream and Set Goals

    • Identify Your Long-, Medium-, and Short-Term Goals.

    • Identify What Motivates You To Pursue Them

    • Visualize Your New Life after you have done The Work and Having Achieved Them

  2. Create Your Plan

    • Identify The Income Level That Will Meet Your Needs

    • Identify The Rank Needed to Generate That Income Level

    • Understand the Basics of the Compensation Plan

    • Use Products / Shaklee-ize your Heart

    • Practice The Process (Learn by doing)

      • Invite People to Learn More

      • Present / Offer

      • Sponsor and Follow Up

      • Teach and Train

    • Schedule Your Activities

  3. Commit to Working The Process

    • Have A Commitment Ceremony

    • Have A Grand Opening

    • Work The Process

    • Keep Going Until Your Reach Your Goals

    • Set New Goals and Dreams and Repeat

Over the normal course of building your business, you will revisit these steps many times, repeating and refining each step as needed.  Do the best you can, given where you are at the present time, and keep coming back to these steps as you learn more.


Understand that you are embarking on an incredible journey that will tremendously improve the quality of your life and expand what you think is possible for you.  Avoid the nay-sayers and do not limit your thinking.  Learn to be open to the incredible possibilities that await you.


Overcoming obstacles are a natural and normal part of the process.  Make sure to utilize the experience of your upline and other successful people to help you achieve your own success.


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