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Inventor. Visionary. Entrepreneur. Chiropractor. Author. Radio Personality. Dr. Forrest C. Shaklee succeeded in a number of roles during his lifetime. A true original, Dr. Shaklee was and still is an inspiration to thousands of Shaklee Members worldwide.

Born in Iowa in 1894, Forrest C. Shaklee was diagnosed with tuberculosis as an infant. His parents were told that he would likely suffer a long and horrible death during his childhood. Little did they know that this sickly child would become a successful chiropractor and business owner and live for more than ninety years!

In the late 1800s, the only cure for tuberculosis was good food, fresh air, and lots of rest. As a result, young Forrest spent a lot of time outdoors enjoying and exploring nature and developing a deep respect for the world around him. This respect would inspire him to create his own nutritional product company, Shaklee Corporation, based on the Golden Rule, years later in 1956.

A chiropractor by trade, Dr. Shaklee began selling food supplement formulas in 1924 in Iowa. By 1956, he had decided to take his food supplement formulas across North America by way of network marketing with help from his sons Forrest Jr. and Raleigh Shaklee. In 1960, Dr. Shaklee developed Basic-H, one of the first biodegradable, all-purpose cleaners. Shaklee now has over 200 products including nutritional supplements, personal care products, color cosmetics, water and air treatment systems, and household cleaners. 

Today, Dr. Shaklee's vision for a healthier tomorrow has led to a half a billion dollars in sales worldwide and offices in a number of countries around the world, including Canada, the United States, Mexico, Malaysia, and Japan.



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